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NTFS Support for RHEL/Centos

NTFS is a Microsoft developed File system and was the default file system in windows, which was not supported by some linux distros by defaults For NTFS Support 1. Connect to the Internet Repository Server, by the following commands wget & rpm -ivh epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm 2. After Connecting to the Repository Server, Install Packages with Read More

su command and sudo command in linux

su – Substitute User If one user needs to login as another user in the same CLI(shell) eg: su -l user-name Note: Root user can login as any of the other user without needing the password of the other users Normal user can login as any of the other user with password In some cases Read More

Creating a Local YUM Repository with ISO

In Order to install or Update software in RHEL we need to connect to RHN (RedHat Network). By creating Local Repository we can install software from our own device. It saves things like bandwidth and time. All we need is an iso image (CD/DVD image). Download the iso file from and place it in /iso directory To Read More

How-to change SSH port number in RHEL-7

SSH is a networking protocol used for accessing the CLI(shell) remotely with applications. In RHEL7, ssh will be by default running as a daemon service called sshd in port 22. In this blog i want to show you how to secure the ports of SSH by changing it. Read More