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Notes – Types of VPN


This is the most common and widely used VPN protocol. They enable authorized remote users to connect to the VPN network using their existing Internet connection and then log on to the VPN using password authentication. It also doesn’t provide encryption and it relies on PPP protocol to do this. 

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How-to change SSH port number in RHEL-7

SSH is a networking protocol used for accessing the CLI(shell) remotely with applications. In RHEL7, ssh will be by default running as a daemon service called sshd in port 22. In this blog i want to show you how to secure the ports of SSH by changing it. Read More

Difference Between Object Based NAT and Table Based NAT in Checkpoint

This article discusses about the difference between the 2 type of NAT which can be configured in the checkpoint firewall. NAT is a idea of translating  IP address in the IP packet and mainly used to provide communication between Private network to Public network. This NAT can be configured in so many devices i.e. router, Read More

Managing the Check Point Firewall Rule Base

These are the fields that manage the rules for the Firewall security policy. No.  : Rule number in the Firewall Rule Base. Implied rules do not have a number. Hits : Number of connections that match this rule. Name : Name that the system administrator gives this rule. Source Network : Object that starts the Read More