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ISP WORKSHOP on 17th Nov 2018

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Different Between Baseband and Broadband

Differentiating Between Baseband and Broadband Signaling Two types of signaling methods are used to transmit information over network media: baseband and broadband. Before we get any further into 802.3 standards we should clarify the difference between the two. Baseband Baseband transmissions typically use digital signaling over a single wire; the transmissions themselves take the form Read More


ICMP is a networking protocol developed to analyse the connectivity between source and destination hosts. The structure of ICMP datagram as follows Data (32 bytes by default) Sequence No: РSince it is sending data repeatedly, ICMP itself assings a sequence number to identify the segment of data Identifier Р It is very close to port Read More


CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) is a proprietary protocol designed by Cisco System for Cisco devices. CDP helps administrators in collecting information about cisco devices. In this article we will explain CDP protocol in details. Read More