Author: APJ

Blazing fast failure detection – BFD (Part-1)

Actually BFD stands for Bidirectional Failure Detection, but its not catchy so I chose to call it blazing-fast failure detection. Let us understand what it does and what is so cool about it. If you had 2 routers connected to a switched network and the router needed to maintain neighbour relationship between themselves. What will Read More

Why you need NTP (Network Time Protocol)?

If you were to read news in a News paper and find out when that news took place you would look at the date of publishing on the News paper. We need an anchor, a constant, that we all agree to follow in order to relate to the events happening in our lives. similarly when we talk about IT infrastructure a good IT Engineer will also make sure he checks that time when a particular event happen. Read More

Future communication technology

We are approaching the time when we will be able to communicate faster than the speed of light. It is well known that as we approach the speed of light, time slows down. Logically, it is reasonable to assume that as we go faster than the speed of light, time will reverse. The major consequence of this for Internet protocols is that packets will arrive before they are sent. This will have a major impact on the way we design Internet protocols. This paper outlines some of the issues and suggests some directions for additional analysis of these issues. Read More

Web GUI on Cisco switch

We all know how easy it is to work with Cisco CLI. It feels natural once you get used to it. But not many know that there is a webpage based GUI to manage Cisco Catalyst Switch. Albeit simple they provide easy to use interface for novices who do not know the CLI. This is a how-to article to help you enable and start using the web based GUI. Read More