Month: March 2016

Future communication technology

We are approaching the time when we will be able to communicate faster than the speed of light. It is well known that as we approach the speed of light, time slows down. Logically, it is reasonable to assume that as we go faster than the speed of light, time will reverse. The major consequence of this for Internet protocols is that packets will arrive before they are sent. This will have a major impact on the way we design Internet protocols. This paper outlines some of the issues and suggests some directions for additional analysis of these issues. Read More

Creating a Local YUM Repository with ISO

In Order to install or Update software in RHEL we need to connect to RHN (RedHat Network). By creating Local Repository we can install software from our own device. It saves things like bandwidth and time. All we need is an iso image (CD/DVD image). Download the iso file from and place it in /iso directory To Read More

Notes – Types of VPN


This is the most common and widely used VPN protocol. They enable authorized remote users to connect to the VPN network using their existing Internet connection and then log on to the VPN using password authentication. It also doesn’t provide encryption and it relies on PPP protocol to do this. 

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How-to change SSH port number in RHEL-7

SSH is a networking protocol used for accessing the CLI(shell) remotely with applications. In RHEL7, ssh will be by default running as a daemon service called sshd in port 22. In this blog i want to show you how to secure the ports of SSH by changing it. Read More