Managing the Check Point Firewall Rule Base

These are the fields that manage the rules for the Firewall security policy.

  • No.  : Rule number in the Firewall Rule Base. Implied rules do not have a number.

  • Hits : Number of connections that match this rule.

  • Name : Name that the system administrator gives this rule.

  • Source Network : Object that starts the connection.

  • Destination Network : Object that completes the connection.

  • VPN : Definitions of the allowed or blocked traffic between VPN sites.

  • Service : Type of network service that is allowed or blocked.

  • Action : Firewall action that is done when traffic matches the rule.

  • Track : Tracking and logging action that is done when traffic matches the rule.

  • Install On :  Network objects that will get the rule(s) of the security policy.

  • The Policy Targets option installs the rule(s) on all Security Gateways.

  • Time : Time period that the Firewall enforces this rule.

  • Comment :  An optional field that lets you summarize the rule.


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