Month: February 2016

Notes – Active Directory | Domain | Domain Controller

Active Directory It is a Microsoft based service which provides Centralized Database for the domain. The database is called NTDS. Domain A Collection of Users, Computers, Groups, Servers  and other network resource use common NTDS Database in an organization. This organization is called as Domain. Domain Controller A computer running with Active Directory Services that Read More


CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) is a proprietary protocol designed by Cisco System for Cisco devices. CDP helps administrators in collecting information about cisco devices. In this article we will explain CDP protocol in details. Read More

Backdoor in BGP

This article help you to understand how Backdoor option works in BGP. Generally, Backdoor is a term which  technically describes – Bypassing security mechanism to access a Resources. But in BGP it refers to a different thing. Before understanding the BGP Backdoor, We need to understand some Routing Concept and Protocols. BGP is a routing protocol Read More

Difference Between Object Based NAT and Table Based NAT in Checkpoint

This article discusses about the difference between the 2 type of NAT which can be configured in the checkpoint firewall. NAT is a idea of translating  IP address in the IP packet and mainly used to provide communication between Private network to Public network. This NAT can be configured in so many devices i.e. router, Read More

Managing the Check Point Firewall Rule Base

These are the fields that manage the rules for the Firewall security policy. No.  : Rule number in the Firewall Rule Base. Implied rules do not have a number. Hits : Number of connections that match this rule. Name : Name that the system administrator gives this rule. Source Network : Object that starts the Read More

Virtual Machine Migration in Hyper-V

Hyper-V role migration involves moving the virtual machines, virtual networks, and all the associated settings from one physical computer to another physical computer in the enterprise. The process supports moving from a server running Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 to a server running Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2. The Hyper-V role does not depend on any other roles. Read More

DHCP Scope Spliting

This step-by-step guide contains an introduction to using DHCP with a split scope on a secondary server, with delay, and instructions for setting up a test lab using two DHCP servers and one DHCP client. Requirements of DHCP Scope Splitting. Read More

Private VLAN

Private VLAN in Cisco

To divide broadcast domain we know there is a concept called VLAN. But if we are using Private VLAN we can isolate each ports connected to users in the same VLAN and still they can communicate to there up-link. Read More

Web GUI on Cisco switch

We all know how easy it is to work with Cisco CLI. It feels natural once you get used to it. But not many know that there is a webpage based GUI to manage Cisco Catalyst Switch. Albeit simple they provide easy to use interface for novices who do not know the CLI. This is a how-to article to help you enable and start using the web based GUI. Read More